USATF Competition Process 

Our club trains for two USATF sanctioned competitions, one in XC and one in Track & Field. These meets are training goals of the Spring/Summer Track Session and Late Fall XC Sessions. Not all athletes choose to compete in these competitions, but still train with the club. Athletes who choose to go beyond the basic club training and compete go through the following process: 

  • Renew or purchase a USATF membership (not included in club fees)
  • Compete in Niagara Association Championship (1st meet, qualifies for Region 2)
  • Compete in Region 2 Championshiops (2nd meet, involves all 4 associations)
  • Compete in National Championships

Webster Groups


The Ridge runners is a Webster-based club formed in 2013 by Webster cross country coaches who were passionate about distance running and wanted to offer runners the opportunity to compete in national competitions while also offering opportunities to train year round. 

The Ridge Runners Club is a member of USATF.

Who are we? 


Coach Ryan Lantzer coaches Ridge Runner athletes throughout the year, mostly for grades 6-12.

  • Summer: Middle School XC Session
  • Fall: 6th Grade XC Session
  • Late Fall: Modified XC Session
  • Winter: 6-12th Grade Distance Session
  • Spring: 6th Grade Distance Session
  • Late Spring/Summer: 6-12th Grade Track & Field Session

Coach Kevin McLaughlin coaches Ridge Runner athletes throughout the winter, mostly for grades 6-8. 

Schlegel Rd.
Coach Judy Valachovic runs two sessions for grades 3-5, one in the fall and one in the spring. Both sessions focus on distance running. 


Klem North
Coach Sarah Murphy runs one session in the fall that focuses on distance running. 


Coach Shannon Slack runs one session in the fall that focuses on distance running. 


Coach Jim Brunswick runs two sessions, one in the fall that prepares athletes for the Nike XC Northeast Regional (a national qualifier meet) and another in the summer that focuses on distance running.